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While the current ratio has doubled from lows around 0.10, it is still well below the median line at 0.32. This suggests that gold stocks remain undervalued relative to gold and should continue offering strong leverage for the foreseeable future. And Hecla is looking at ways to extend the life of a new asset, the San Sebastian mine, which had its first year of production in 2016. Assuming Helca is successful in its efforts to extend the life of San Sebastian, the near term could turn out a lot brighter than it appears right now. Looking out longer term, the company has projects it expects to begin producing early in the next decade. Hecla is a bad-news-could-be-good-news story for more aggressive investors.

  • On April 4, it announced plans to complete 5,000 meters of close-spaced infill drilling within the Cordero Felsic Dome portion of the 2014 resource for Cordero.
  • The U.S. Federal Reserve has also signaled it is going to raise interest rates in 2017, and has just hiked rates for the first time in a year.
  • – nearly tripled its quarterly dividend, from $0.28 per share to $0.80 in March.
  • On that score, First Majestic, Pan American, and Hecla all have very interesting stories to tell investors.
  • Along with gold, it is considered a safe-haven for investors against economic crises because they are resistant to inflation as they can’t be “printed” at will.

It should also help drive the price of silver higher over the long term. That rising production and pricing combination could enable silver stock investments to produce attractive returns over the long run. As a unique precious metal with industrial, consumer, and investor demand, silver is playing an increasingly important role in the economy. As a result, silver mining stocks and silver-focused ETFs could be attractive additions to many portfolios. Despite these massive gains in gold and silver mining stocks, I believe they still have much higher to go.

That’s partly because it’s dealing with a strike at the Lucky Friday mine, one of its key assets. But it’s using the work stoppage to upgrade the mine with new equipment, so there’s, pardon the pun, a silver lining there. That said, while Lucky Friday is down, the company’s revenues have shifted toward gold. Great Panther Silver (GPL)On the other end of the spectrum, the mighty mouse of the silver mining industry with a $270 million market cap, Great Panther Silver, looks intriguing. Silver Bear Resources is focused on the development of its Mangazeisky silver project, located in Russia.

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The price of silver is currently undervalued, and one of the best ways to determine the direction of silver is to look at the gold-silver ratio. Simply put, that’s the ounces of silver it would take to purchase one ounce of gold. Silver fix prices represent composite prices arrived at by various trading banks and brokerages in the over-the-counter silver bullion markets. Foreign exchange (forex) prices are the most widely quoted in the precious metals industry.

Pahtavaara is located some 35km by road from the town of Sodankyla. The deposit was discovered in 1986 and since operations commenced in 1996 the mine has produced 350,000oz of gold, with peak annual production of 37koz/a. If you would like more information on any of our projects, or want to learn more about how the Callinex stock gives you exposure to silver and other secondary metals, please contact investor relations. I’ve included a chart below of the performance on silver stocks during its last bull run back in 2010, an image that originally appeared in my top silver stock picks for 2016.

Dilution is never the friend of shareholders, but small-cap companies like Great Panther Silver simply don’t have easy access to capital like the giants in its industry. Thus, it is possible there’s a near-term cap on Great Panther’s valuation because of these aforementioned warrants. However, regardless of what the silver industry as a whole does, there are three players within it that should be poised to outperform their peers.

  • The top hedge fund holder is Israel Englander’s Millennium Management with more than $491,000 invested in the stock at the end of September.
  • In March, MAG and Fresnillo said they plan to release an updated resource estimate for Juanicipio later this year, incorporating the latest drill results from the project.
  • Silver as an investment has many of the same potential benefits as investing in gold or other precious metals.

Instead of operating physical mines, Wheaton provides mining companies with cash to cover portions of their mine development costs. In exchange, the company receives rights to buy some of the metal produced tickmill review by the mines at fixed prices. Callinex has a portfolio of zinc assets that are located in prominent Canadian mining jurisdictions, a proven technical team and cash to fund upcoming drilling campaigns.

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Valued at less than six times 2017’s free cash flow per share, Silver Standard remains one of my favorite long-term holdings. As for Trump, he remains the X factor — and uncertainty is often what drives gold and silver higher. Though Republicans have a clear majority in the legislative branch, Trump alienated a number of congressional Republicans during his campaign, which could come back to haunt him when he’s trying to pass legislation. There are also serious concerns about the level of GDP growth that Trump’s tax, trade, and infrastructure policies will bring to the table. If there’s even the slightest hiccup with Trump at the helm, silver could thrive. In January 2022, Endeavour Silver announced that it would be acquiring the Pitarilla Project from SSR Mining, a massive silver project in Mexico which is 160 kilometers north of Durango.

Leaning on gold

For example, silver is valued by some investors as a means of diversification because of its low correlation to stocks, as a hedge against inflation, or as a safe-haven during economic downturns. Miners use the money to shore up balance fxprimus review sheets, or invest in their businesses. Silver Wheaton, meanwhile, locks in below-market prices for precious metals. The company pays around $4 an ounce for silver — roughly 60% of revenues — and $400 an ounce for gold (around 40%).

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Miguel Auza is the site where mining took place historically, but the firm last carried out a modest exploration program there from 2009 to 2010. Connect with our Featured Silver Stocks to receive the latest news and investor presentations. Keep tabs on the silver market and work with the best information. During the second quarter, the company’s 2020 EBITDA from direct operations was $26.5 million, compared to $47.1 million reported in 2019. During the second quarter of 2020, EXK generated a net revenue totaling $20.2 million. In May, National Bank analyst Don DeMarco upped the stock’s price target to C$21 from C$20 and kept a Sector Perform rating.

Top silver stocks in 2023

With higher metals prices and lower costs, Hecla had a blowout quarter, with $25.78 million in net income, or $.07 per share, and free cash flow of $27.7 million. With 16+ million ounces of silver production annually and 175.4 million ounces of proven and probable silver reserves, Hecla gives investors big leverage to silver prices. In fifth place on this list of the best silver stocks is Minco Silver. So far this year, the company has released a resource estimate for its Fuwan silver-gold-lead-zinc project in China showing an inferred resource of 63,283 million ounces of silver. The company anticipates that it will have preproduction work at Fuwan completed in two years.

The company says the project holds one of the largest silver resources in the world; it has an indicated resource of 488.6 million ounces of silver and an inferred resource of 44.4 million ounces of silver. Cordero’s indicated resource also includes 1.37 million ounces of gold, 9 billion pounds of zinc and 4.7 billion pounds of lead. The company has been fairly active so far this year – among other things it began review laughing at wall street trading on the NYSE MKT on May 15. Most recently, on May 26, Silvercorp announced that it would be paying its semiannual $0.01 dividend in American dollars instead of Canadian dollars in order to increase value for its shareholders. Only companies with market caps above $50 million as of October 17 are included. The silver price ebbs and flows as economic, inflationary, and geopolitical fears rise and subside.

At the same time, Silver Standard Resources is beginning to wind down open-pit mining at its Pirquitas silver mine. The end-of-life cycle is expected of all mines, and while it does mean the potential for reduced production on the horizon, it also means exceptionally low costs for perhaps a year or two. Silver Standard Resources has cut its cash costs at both Pirquitas and its gold-producing Marigold mine three times in 2016. While I wouldn’t bet on another three cuts to its cash cost guidance in 2017, I would expect its efficiency to be among the best in the silver-mining industry. As the icing on the cake, Silver Wheaton also pays out a silver-price-dependent dividend that currently works out to a 1.4% yield.

The company currently operates three mines in Mexico and has several other silver mines under development. First Majestic also operates the Jerritt Canyon Gold Mine in Nevada. First Majestic gets 51% of its revenue from silver and the other 49% from gold. That makes the mining company one of the purest plays on silver in the mining sector. Here’s a look at how to invest in silver without having to buy the physical precious metal.

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